We're all Stories in the End.

We're all Stories in the End.

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Familiar gravestones in Box Cemetery filming

The two-part finale continued filming in Llanelli today, and some familiar props from the show’s recent history have been spotted by llanellitown.com. Both the new and aged gravestone of Victorian Clara from The Snowmen were seen, along with the gravestone of modern Clara’s mother from The Rings of Akhaten.

Even more shocking is the appearance of Amy and Rory’s gravestone from their death in The Angels Take Manhattan. Box Cemetery is notable for being where Amy and Rory’s final scene was filmed. To further complicate things, what looks like a baby Weeping Angel was seen as well.

With the current leading rumor being that the finale sees the Cybermen converting the dead, it looks like we just might see some old faces come back, in a horrific way.

(via lovefromgallifrey)

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